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Male Cyclists Should Get A Leg Wax

Male Cyclists Should Get A Leg Wax

By on Nov 10, 2015 in Blog |

Cycling Waxing


Shaving legs is the norm for the cycling world. If you are an amateur or a hard core professional you probably have tried it. Here are some reasons why cyclists need smooth legs and why waxing is a much better option than shaving.

Easier Healing of Road Rash

If you are cycling competitively or cycling just for fun in a group, you will or have crashed at some point. The road-rash injuries are much easier to clean and treat if the skin is hair free. It also lessons the chance of infection as well as minimizing the painful problem of hair getting stuck in the scab. Waxing can give you hair-free legs for weeks and not days like shaving does.


Makes Massage Easier and Feel Better

After a long grueling day on the bike, many cyclists want a nice massage session to ease the pain. Having smooth, hair-free legs makes it easier for the massage therapist to perform the massage and the athlete doesn’t need to worry about the hair being pulled out. Who wouldn’t want to make a massage feel better?

Show Us What You Got

Waxing your legs is all about looking the part, feeling the part and gaining confidence to become the part. Tanned muscular and lean legs are magnified by smooth skin. No one can see your toned muscles if they are hidden under a thick layer of hair. Waxing once a month will give your legs that smooth, sexy look all year around.


Maybe one of the strongest appeals to waxing cyclist’s legs is the tradition. For over 100 years, cyclists have simply shaved their legs. Each new generation of up and coming cyclists adopt the habit of those they aspire to be. In the book, The Long Distance Cyclist’s Handbook, cycling coach Simon Doughty says, “Cyclists shave their legs…some really don’t know why, but hey, everyone else does it so it must be right!”

Pictured are the legs of the cyclists team of German Telekom during the presentation of the team for the Tour de France 2001, during a news conference in Bonn, western Germany, Friday, June 29, 2001. (AP Photo/Hermann J. Knippertz)

Why would you want to shave and only get a few hours of smooth skin when you could get waxed and enjoy weeks of worry-free, hair-free skin? It just makes sense. Let Beach Body Wax take care of all your waxing needs.

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